Surfing has long ceased to be niche sport. As the mainstream discovers its potential for selling clothes, trips and a whole set of ‘lifestyle’ products, there are those who appreciate it for what it is in its purest form – a direct connection to mother nature.
We accompany WSL Big Wave surfer Alex Botelho and some of his friends to discover that there are surfers out there who balance their love for the ocean and nature with a professional career in the sport. Mar is a tale of discovery, triumph and (almost) tragedy, but above all it is a life affirming pledge to positive vibes in and out of the line up.
Everyone deals differently with hardship and challenges. During the recent Covid lockdown we teamed up with international feature film actor and Kung Fu performer Paul Clark to shoot an experimental piece that has won some recognition – among which was an award for best cinematography!
As the country started to close down and we were confined to our community, our small team headed to the abandoned places of the south west of Portugal to be inspired by its ethereal beauty and the sound engineering of Luis do Vale.
Marcilio Browne is a two times World Champion wave sailor – Maui, Hawaii is the ultimate dream of any windsurfer. We decided to see what Marcilio and some of his friends are up to during a regular year.
Together with local champion Morgan Noireaux and many others we tagged along and saw what the guys are doing on their down days, how they prepare for competitions and, of course what goes into sailing a day at Peahi in some of the world’s biggest waves.
Morgan Noireaux is of French extraction but grew up on Maui. He has always been drawn to the water, be it for surfing or windsurfing. For a long time he was known among the local crowd at the kid that was always first on and last off the water.
One year he shot onto the international radar by coming from relative obscurity to international fame by winning the most prestigious wave sailing contest in the world – the Aloha Classic. We wanted to know what a typical month looks like for him.